By Brad Norby, CD-SV, Perfect Detail USA, Tampa, Florida, United States

From a detailer’s perspective, proper vehicle maintenance is necessary to maintain the quality and longevity of your vehicle’s health. Regarding the schedule of washing weekly / bi-weekly / monthly etc., there are many factors at play. Location plays a big part, and having the awareness of your specific weather conditions and vehicle storage can help determine what you will need to achieve and maintain your desired results and quality.

For those that drive a “garage kept” vehicle just from point A to B, you may not need services as frequently vs. those that don’t keep their vehicle stored in a garage and/or use as a daily driver. Vehicles kept outside are exposed to the elements and are at more risk to UV damage, industrial fallout, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. It is highly recommended that these forms of contamination are removed from the vehicle as soon as possible, since they can severely damage the vehicle’s finish if left untreated.

Keeping up with maintenance washing on a weekly basis can help ensure proper protection against these different forms of contamination. Also, you will have a cleaner vehicle on a more consistent basis vs. waiting monthly or longer for full detail services. This can save you money in the long run and help avoid any major damages caused by untreated contamination buildup.

Another aspect to give thought to is time. Your time is valuable, and, as detailers, we understand this is very important (especially in a mobile setting) and may suggest something like a weekly maintenance plan. This allows for faster, more efficient service due to the contamination level being observed more often. This is best for both you as the client and your detailer to ensure a quality job in a timely manner. The detailer is also not faced with overwhelming level of buildup, allowing them to focus on the “details” vs. just focusing on restoring the vehicle to a clean condition.

The concept of weekly services is most ideal in my opinion regardless if your vehicle is garage kept or not. This allows the ability to stay ahead of any risk factors and, overall, protect your investment in the best way possible. When utilizing a detailer that is an IDA member or Certified Detailer (CD), you can be confident in your vehicle’s treatment, using proper methods of safety and quality services.

Brad Norby

About the Author: Brad Norby, CD-SV, is the owner/operator of Perfect Detail USA in Tampa, Florida, United States.